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1820 Coin

GREAT BRITAIN UK 1820 CROWN SILVER COIN1820 LX Great Britain Crown - Certified NGC AU Details - Rare Coin1820 Small Date Coronet Matron Large Cent 1C N-8 - NGC AU Details - Rare Coin1820 Capped Bust Quarter 25C (Large 0) - PCGS Genuine - Fine Details - Rare CoinANTIQUE AMERICAN SOUTHERN SOUTH CAROLINA COIN SILVER JULEP 1820PERU SPANISH COLONIAL FERD. VII 1812-LIMA-JP 8 REALES SILVER COIN, VF/XFPERU SPANISH COLONIAL CHARLES IIII 1807-LIMA-JP 8 REALES SILVER COIN, XF/AUPERU SPANISH COLONIAL FERD. VII 1815-LIMA-JP 4 REALES SILVER COIN, VFPERU SPANISH COLONIAL CHARLES IIII 1798-LIMA-IJ 8 REALES SILVER COIN, VF/XFBRAZIL XL (40) REIS 1820 RIO MINT COPPER UNC!!! A LOVELY COIN CHOCOLATE SURFACES1820 Capped Bust Dime 10 Cents - Nice Coin, Free Shipping (2711)1820 Capped Bust Dime 10 Cents - Nice Coin, Free Shipping (2577)1820/19 Capped Bust Half Dollar 50C - ICG MS60 - Rare BU Overdate Coin!1820 N-6 R-3 Matron or Coronet Head Large Cent Coin 1c1820/19 Coronet Cent--Attractive Original VF/XF CoinSWITZERLAND GRAUBUNDEN 1820 5 BATZ COIN CHOICE UNCIRCULATED, CERTIFIED PCGS MS61*c.1820 Set of 3 George Platt Pure Coin Silver Spoons - 76 gramsRAREST PHILADELPHIA COIN SILVER / STERLING TEA & COFFEE SET by JOHN OWEN, c.18201820 SOVEREIGN OPEN TWO, BRITISH GOLD COIN FROM GEORGE IIII aVF1820 KING GEORGE III GREAT BRITAIN GOLD SOVEREIGN COIN 1820-R Brazil 320 Reis (320R) - ANACS AU53 - Rare Certified Coin1820 Capped Bust Dime 10C Small 0 - PCGS XF Details (EF) - Rare Certified Coin1820 50 Kopeks Russian Silver Coin1820 Colombia 8 R (Reals) CUNDINAMARCA J F- Looks Great High Grade(?) - CoinsStaffordshire Pearlware Hand Painted Coin Bank Floral Decoration Ca 1820 Nicec1820-1850 American Coin Silver Goblet Stemmed Drinking Cup Heavy Weight