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1820 Coin

Coin Silver B. & P. Silversmiths Utica, NY Large Serving Spoon, circa 1820,1820 Small Date Coronet Matron Large Cent 1C N-8 - NGC AU Details - Rare Coin,1820 GREAT BRITAIN SOVEREIGN GOLD COIN - CLEANED,Great Britain Crown 1820 KM# 675 Silver Coin,1820 Capped Bust Quarter 25C (Large 0) - PCGS Genuine - Fine Details - Rare Coin,Italian Queen of Coins c1820 Arcana Trump Colored Playing Cards Single +COA,LOT 9 SILVER COINS KREUZER Austria Medieval Europe 1804 1808 1810 1811 1815 1820,Great Britain 1820/19 LX Silver Crown Coin George III G/VG KM #675 Over Date,Great Britain 1820 Sixpence KM #666 UK Coin,1820 East India Company Coin,1820 Enamel Coin Token States of Jersey Isle Vtg Old Cabbage Walking Stick Cane,1820/19 Capped Bust Half Dollar 50C - ICG MS60 - Rare BU Overdate Coin!,1820 Penny Coronet Large Cent - High Grade Coin, Free Shipping (4028),21 SCHILLING ENGLISH BRASS COIN WEIGHT OF KING GEORGE III -(1760-1820),1820 Capped Bust Dime 10C - ANACS AU50 Details - Rare Early Certified Coin, 1820 Capped Bust Dime - Better Date - Very Nice Looking Original Coin ,SPAIN FERDINAND VII 1820-S-CJ 2 ESCUDOS GOLD COIN, CERTIFIED PCGS XF-45,1820 Large Cent Small Date Higher Grade Detail Red Book Coin,MEXICO SPANISH COLONIAL FERDINAND VII 1820-JJ 8 REALES SILVER COIN, VF/XF,MEXICO WAR OF INDEPENDENCE ZACATECAS 1820-Zs 8 REALES SILVER COIN,1820/19 N-2 R-2 Small Overdate Matron or Coronet Head Large Cent Coin 1c ,1820 N-10 R-2 Large Date Matron or Coronet Head Large Cent Coin 1c ,1820/19 N-1 Matron or Coronet Head Large Cent Coin 1c ,1820 Capped Bust Quarter NICE COIN w/ BEAUTIFUL BLUE TONING! L@@K!!!,Early 19th c American Coin Silver Ladle J Watson Philadelphia 1820-1850,1820 Capped Bust Half Dollar 50 Cents - Nice Rare Coin Free Shipping (3845),